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Here at REPEAT, we are passionate about bringing you products which make you look and feel incredible. This means we are constantly striving to think up ways to make our creations even more innovative, timelessly on trend and luxurious than ever.

One of the ways we are delivering indulgence to your wardrobe this season is by introducing the double knit to our collection. Using this technique allows us to create thick and durable garments without compromising on quality or style! The process of creating a ‘double knit’ garment means that our designers attach two separate layers of knitted material together, culminating in a weighty, fine knit product. The fact that both layers are created separately before being attached together allows each of them to have individual details and characteristics without affecting the other – such as different colors and textures.

For example, this dreamy blossom pink number showcases how our double knit products perfectly fuse comfort and fashion. While the sleek relaxed exterior features trendy textured ottoman stripes and drop sleeves, the inner layer adds another layer of comfort and warmth to your outfit. This duality makes our double knit cardigan one of this season’s must-haves – it is perfect to throw on in the morning and will see you safely through the day ahead – not matter what you have planned!

Our other double-knit items can also be seen fusing style and innovation throughout the new collection. Take this navy and emerald cardigan – the double knit cotton blend creates playful layers of pattern and color with its striped underlayer, creating a modern and sporty twist on the classic cardigan we all know and love!

No matter your style – do not compromise your comfort when it comes to layering up this summer! Be prepared for anything with our double knit items and their ability to keep your cool with their breathable cotton layers, and shelter from and pesky north winds with their added layer of protection!

Explore more luxury pieces in the summer collection today instore and online.