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As much as we adore the super-soft natural fibers of cashmere, we understand that when it comes to keeping your beloved garments looking fresh – this irresistibly indulgent wool is can be tricky to handle. But it doesn’t have to be! Read our simple steps below and you will be able to keep your cashmere items looking bright and feeling fresh for years to come.

Wash your garments correctly

This point may appear to be common-sense, but some individuals aren’t aware of how to properly care for their garments when it comes to washing regularly. Use Cashmere Shampoo when hand-washing your garment – our unique Cashmere Washing Agent has been created specifically to retain and enhance the textures of cashmere fibers.
When washing, gently squeeze lukewarm water through the fibers, and never wring or twist. And of course – only wash with similar colors to preserve the vibrancy of your cashmere.

Dry your garments correctly

Be gentle – and never tumble dry. Air your cashmere clothing flat to retain its natural shape. Press with a damp cloth or an iron (switched off of course!) to remove excess water. Never dry on a radiator or near any strong source of heat as this can cause the natural fibers to become damaged and lose their intended shape.

Know where to keep your cashmere

Take care to check for any signs of damp, dust or direct sunlight when storing your cashmere. Fold clothes in tissue paper (as this is pH neutral – unlike cardboard boxes) to keep them stored safely.
Moths and other cashmere-advisories will be drawn to damp areas – so be sure to make sure your cashmere items are 100% dry before storing them. It is also advisable to clean any stains from your cashmere before it is stored – as this may oxidize and become food for moths.

Remove pills from the equation

Regularly check your cashmere items for signs of pilling – this can most often occur around areas where abrasion occurs on a regular basis – such as elbows, shoulders and hips (or even where your seat-belt sits on your way to work). Use a Wool Razor to remove these quickly and efficiently to keep your cashmere clothes looking their best!

To easily keep your cashmere feeling fresh (or as a gift idea for a loved-one who adores cashmere as much as we do!) – Our cashmere case set, include handy items such as a mini cashmere washing agent, and mini Wool Razor.